Community Guidelines

We created Brick News to be a place where it’s easy to communicate genuinely, build relationships, and have fun. Our Community Guidelines ensure everyone finds belonging, but not at the expense of anyone else.

Our Core Principles (the Short Version)

  • Be respectful

Be respectful when speaking to others, this helps to create great relationships and a great community. Strong communities are built on strong relationships.

  • Do not discriminate or defame

We do not tolerate racism, hateful language, defamation, or discrimination of any kind.

  • Discuss important topics in the right way

We have policies to protect and govern the use Brick News and dedicated off-topic spaces. So please keep comments to the subject of the post on which you are commenting.

  • Stay True

Don’t impersonate anyone else, including, but not limited to, any Brick News staff, blog editors, or journal editors, or suggest that you have an affiliation with a person or association if you do not. 

  • Don’t Swear

Swearing on the web is a bit like shouting in an argument, if you do it, you’ve already lost, and people just won’t read it.

  • Do not engage in harmful activity

We prohibit any activity that could hurt someone, from physical harm to scams.

  • Be constructive

If you don’t like something, or don’t agree with something, say why. Expand on your views and thoughts.

When using Brick News (the Long Version)

  • Do not harass others or organise, promote, or participate in harassment. Disagreements happen and are normal, but making continuous, repetitive, or severe negative comments or circumventing a block or ban can cross the line into harassment and is not okay.
  • Do not organise, promote, or participate in hate speech or hateful conduct. It’s unacceptable to attack a person or a community based on attributes such as their race, ethnicity, caste, national origin, sex, gender identity, gender presentation, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, age, serious illness, disabilities, or other protected classifications.
  • Do not make threats of violence or threaten to harm others. This includes indirect or suggestive threats, as well as sharing or threatening to share someone’s personally information.
  • Do not use Brick News for the organisation, promotion, or support of violent extremism. This also includes glorifying violent events, the perpetrators of violent acts, or similar behaviours.
  • Do not sexualise children in any way. You cannot share content or links which depict children in a pornographic, sexually suggestive, or violent manner, including illustrated or digitally altered pornography that depicts children and conduct grooming behaviours. We report illegal content and grooming.
  • We strongly discourage and may take action against vigilante behaviour, as it can interfere with our investigation and ability to report to law enforcement.
  • Do not make adult content available to anyone under the age of 18. You must be age 18 or older to participate in adult content on Brick News. You must apply the age-restricted label to any channels or servers if they contain adult content or other restricted content, such as violent content.
  • Do not share sexually explicit content of other people without their consent, or promote the sharing of non-consensual intimate materials (images, video, or audio), sometimes known as revenge porn.
  • Do not share false or misleading information. Content that is false, misleading, and can lead to significant risk of physical or societal harm may not be shared on Brick News. We may remove content if we reasonably believe its spread could result in damage to physical infrastructure, injury of others, obstruction of participation in civic processes, or the endangerment of public health.
  • Do not engage in activities intended to cause damage or gain unauthorized access to another user’s account, network, or system. This includes impersonating Brick News staff, distributing malware, authentication token theft, phishing, DDOS, and other hacking or social engineering techniques.
  • Do not distribute or provide access to content involving the hacking, cracking, or distribution of stolen goods, pirated content, or accounts. This includes sharing or selling game cheats or hacks.
  • Do not use Brick News to spam, manipulate engagement, or disrupt other people’s experience, including trying to influence or disrupt conversations using bots, fake accounts, multiple accounts, or other automation. This includes purchasing or selling methods of artificially increasing membership, such as via advertisements or botting.
  • Do not organise, promote, or engage in any illegal or dangerous behaviour, such as sexual solicitation, human trafficking, and selling or facilitating the sale of prohibited or potentially dangerous goods (firearms, ammunition, drugs, and controlled substances). 

These guidelines will continue to evolve over time. This means we may take action against a user, server, or content that violates the spirit of these guidelines when we encounter a new threat or harm that is not explicitly covered in the current version. Thanks for doing your part. If you come across content or accounts that you believe may violate our Community Guidelines, please let us know so we can review and take appropriate action.