Another addition to Super Mario LEGO Theme, Picnic at Mario's House (71422)

Another addition to Super Mario LEGO Theme, Picnic at Mario’s House (71422)

This year’s summer 2023 wave of Super Mario sets, scheduled to be released on August 1, 2023. The latest expansion is titled ‘71422 Picnic at Mario’s House’, a delightful extension of Mario’s brick-built abode.

LEGO 71422 Picnic at Mario's House

Unlike other expansions, this Super Mario set doesn’t belong to any particular subtheme, such as the Donkey Kong sets, and is priced at £31.99 / $37.99 / €37.99 for a total of 259 pieces.

While the price might seem slightly steep for just over 250 pieces, the set offers an appealing expansion of Mario’s house, which features a cozy interior that includes a bed, clock, picture, tennis racket, and more.

A quaint garden area and a picnic basket equipped with an interactive tile are located in front of Mario’s house. Another interactive tile accompanies the set’s lone character, Yellow Yoshi, which previously made an appearance in the 30509 Yellow Yoshi’s Fruit Tree set.

LEGO 71422 Picnic at Mario's House

Set Information Details:

  • Set Name – Picnic at Mario’s House Expansion Set
  • Set Number – 71422
  • Recommended Age – 6 and up
  • Piece Count – 259
  • Price – £31.99 / $37.99 / €37.99
  • Release Date – August 1, 2023





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