Bad News For LEGO CON Fans As LEGO Cancels LEGO CON for 2023

The latest event in the LEGO links is the cancellation of the awaited LEGO CON. LEGO Ambassador Network has revealed the live-streamed convention to skip 2023. 

However, there needs to be more information regarding whether the convention is forever gone or just a one-year thing. There are also wild speculations online that they could transform the event into a different format. The conclusive statement is that the team behind the event is back on the drawing board and might never draw again.

With that, it’s evident that LEGO CON 2023 is no more than wishful thinking. However, fans can still hope for its return in the following years since there was no statement regarding whether “LEGO CON” will continue.

Recall that the LEGO CON 2021 was controversial because it was live-streamed through the pandemic lockdowns. But the 202 version saw a lot of improvements, with fans commenting on its impressive process. Many visuals and reveals were shared during the event, including the iconic 76218 Sanctum Sanctorium, 10305 Lion’s Knight’s Castle, and 10497 Galaxy Explorer. 

With much constructive feedback given in 2021, which led to the success of the 2022 edition, it’s so sad that we won’t get to see the 2023 version, which could have been the best yet. 

One could point to the depressing economy for the LEGO 2023 cut since every top business has been evaluating ways to reduce expenses, save more, and forecast well for 2023. Moreover, marketing and adverts are usually the first sectors sacrificed, so it makes sense that LEGO CON had to go.

As successful as LEGO CON 2022 was, it’s a good template for subsequent years. LEGO Group could have downsized some of the programs and ensured the program holds in 2023. At least, it’s a great way to get news, watch designer interviews and see visuals of the new LEGO sets rather than leaked updates from unreliable sources.

So, even though LEGO CON 2023 won’t happen, we still hope for a minor Livestream that launches and announces the biggest 2023 products and programs for fans worldwide.







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