The boxes of the Bricklink Designer Program of 2021

Bricklink Designer Program boxes are out for our appreciation

The third round of the Bricklink Designer Program 2021‘s five sets, which were available for pre-order during the crowdfunding campaign in May, may soon be delivered as official box images for all sets have been released by LEGO. The sets have also been activated with their parts list for the “Pick a Brick” service.

910002 - Studgate Train Station
910002 – Studgate Train Station – Designed by Pablo Sánchez Jiménez

These five sets from round three were pre-ordered 10,000 times and sold out within 12 hours of the start of the crowdfunding, making the third round of the BDP 2021 the fastest so far. According to Bricklink, the sets from the third round of the BDP 2021 are expected to be shipped in spring 2023.

There was a pricing error for the Mountain View Observatory (910027) during the ordering process, as it was accidentally listed for 209.99 euros instead of the original price of 269.99 euros. LEGO promised to honour the lower price for all buyers. Please ensure that this promise is kept when the sets are dispatched and debited.

The box design is similar to that of the previous rounds, with the BrickLink logo on the front and the official LEGO logo on the narrow side.

All sets have an official LEGO set number and a recommended age of 18+. However, the fan designers are now listed with their full name instead of their alias under the set name, a major difference from the last round.

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