BrickLink Unveils MOC Pop-Up Store: A Haven for LEGO Enthusiasts!

BrickLink Unveils MOC Pop-Up Store: A Haven for LEGO Enthusiasts!

Earlier in July, BrickLink teased the addition of a groundbreaking feature. Today, the much-anticipated MOC Pop-up Store swings its virtual doors open!

This inventive platform empowers LEGO aficionados to flaunt their masterpieces while also capitalizing on the sales of their design instructions. BrickLink has always been the go-to marketplace for LEGO enthusiasts in search of specific parts. With its intuitive system, amassing the required components for a design becomes a breeze. Now, with the MOC Pop-Up Store, selecting and building a desired MOC is even more streamlined. Simply browse the store, spot a design that captures your fancy, hit purchase, and decide on your parts’ supplier.

It’s essential to understand that the parts for a single MOC might span across multiple sellers – that’s the BrickLink way! Importantly, the MOC Pop-Up Store stands distinct from the BrickLink Designer Program.

Tutorial for the new MOC Pop-Up store

For a smooth shopping experience, there’s a tutorial video right below. It’ll guide you on effectively navigating and ordering via BrickLink. Dive into the expansive universe of MOCs and their instructions right here.






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