"Green Bricks" the LEGO Group search for Greener Plastic Production

“Green Bricks” the LEGO Group search for Greener Plastic Production

European Energy A/S has joined forces with the LEGO Group, in an effort to replace some fossil-based plastic with more eco-friendly alternatives.

As part of this collaboration, European Energy will generate e-methanol using renewable energy and biogenic CO2, which will subsequently be employed in plastic production.

The LEGO Group will investigate the potential of e-methanol in creating specific components within its product range, with plans to develop prototypes in the upcoming years and commercialize them in the long term.

We’re proud to collaborate with European Energy and Novo Nordisk to hasten research and advancements in creating lower-carbon plastics. In line with our commitment to fostering a sustainable future for children, we’ve pledged to manufacture our products from more eco-friendly materials. This project introduces our third sustainable material, following bio-PE and prototype bricks made from recycled PET. We’re excited about this agreement and its contribution to our ambition.

Nelleke van der Puil, Vice President of Materials at the LEGO Group

European Energy’s e-methanol facilities in Kassø, Aabenraa, Denmark will produce the e-methanol, utilizing renewable energy from wind and solar installations, as well as biogenic CO2. The initial batch is anticipated for delivery in 2024.

Image credits from European Energy A/S






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