LEGO Announces New 40542 FC BARCELONA GO BRICK ME Set!

LEGO Announces New 40542 FC BARCELONA GO BRICK ME Set!

FC Barcelona Brickheadz
If you’ve been fascinated by some of the sets revealed at this year’s LEGO CON, there’s yet more to see!

The 40542 FC Barcelona Go Brick Me set was revealed at the event as this year’s LEGO Brickheadz set. This should have football fans, especially FC Barcelona fans, rolling with anticipation at this LEGO FC Barcelona fan model.

This set is so exciting because it has many stickers with Barcelona jersey numbers that you can choose. You can customize the set to your liking, similar to the 41597 Go Brick Me set, and make it as personal as you want.

Lovers of the 10284 Camp Nou FC Barcelona set can stretch out their LEGO football collection equally with this new set.

Although this set would be more popular with the club fans and some sports collectors, just like the football stadium sets, it’s still an amazing addition to the Brickheadz line, and we are glad to see it.





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