LEGO Announces Changes to Building Instructions in 2023

Based on recent developments from the LEGO Group, it’s been revealed that some building instructions will be changed come 2023. This means up to 18 or more of the newly revealed pieces, including the 10312 Jazz Club models.

Recall that there were changes in 2020 when the Building Instructions across the LEGO portfolio got a new directive. The major change was the adoption of lighter backgrounds using mirrored box art. 

At that time, the group also revealed that the change was due to the need to create a “visually consistent unboxing experience” for the buyers. Hence, the new manuals match the new paper bag designs used for its products in 2023.

Although fans speculate that there are still some limitations to the adoption, for example, Direct-to-consumer sets rarely change their manuals even when LEGO makes big changes. However, rest assured that popular sets like Star Wars and Marvel will also see their instructions updated in 2023.

LEGO also plans to keep its initial design for the older audience. But that’s because technical issues must be resolved universally concerning the new paper bag designs. It might not be suitable for adult sets.

According to a statement made by LEGO Group, “As our fans have noticed, the covers of building instructions for many of our sets underwent a redesign the year except our LEGO sets for adults.” He added, “Starting from 2023, building instructions for adult sets will also feature redesigned covers with lighter background prints.”

The statement further explained how the building instruction redesigns align with the group’s interest in changing its packaging materials to paper bags. The lighter background will allow the group to maintain the quality of the products. Hence, the paper bags will not damage their content or be impacted by potential ink marks during transportation and delivery to the users.

Although it might seem otherwise, the building instructions will still have inks. Just sparsely used so that it causes no concern to the eyes. Another notable feature is that the instruction manuals usually come in cardboard wallets, especially for the bigger sets. This would have helped keep them safe from damage, so why is there an emphasis on the new design protecting the ink?

The most probable cause is that the cardboard wallets will leave the sets. LEGO can then save more on the packaging. The saved cost can then go into further improvement of the packing bags. Until the sets are available in stores, no one knows what they’d look like in person, so fingers are crossed on this.






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