LEGO Announces The Return Of The BrickLink Designer Program

The Bricklink program designed by LEGO fans.
The Briclink Designer Program will become permanent

The BrickLink Designer Program is back, and it’s here to stay this time! The initial program had been a successful test, which is why LEGO announced the official adoption of the program permanently in its future programs. The first in this fantastic series will be here in 2023 as a permanent feature of the franchise.

Recall that the first BrickLink Designer Program was introduced in 2021. The program ran all through 2022, introducing 15 new sets to the LEGO world. However, all these 15 sets were initially rejected LEGO project ideas, but through preorders and crowdfunding, it was made available to certain people.

However, things won’t work with the new feature as they did in the first series. The model that works now until February 2023 is that users can design their setpiece, submit it to the webpage and hope that their ingenious design finds its way to their homes.

So, the significant change to the guideline is that users will no longer be able to submit their ideas to the LEGO webpage anytime they like. Instead, they’ll have to stick with the original designs that were selected in the timeframe until February 2023. Hence, you either order one of the original designs or be lucky enough to get your design accepted by the review team.

The program will follow a logical process. Submissions open on February 1, followed by crowd support. Then the review process begins in April before the 5 approved designs are announced around late May 2023. 

After the submissions begin, people can begin voting on March 7. The vote will help the reviewers pinpoint the designs with popular demands. Then, the final results of the best five projects will be announced for the crowdfunding process.

While this procedure works for 2023, there will be changes in 2024. All the sets that receive more than 3,000 orders during the preorder will get massive productions. So, each set that goes over 3,000 preorders will have its projects printed in 20,000 sets, which will be a one-time production, making them limited editions.

The timeframe allows fans to pick up any design they want as long as it’s still available in the store. 

Once the orders are completed, Series 1 in the Summer or Autumn of 2024 will be rounded up. All orders will be shipped to the buyers. Then the program proceeds to the following series since the BrickLink Designer Program is now permanent. There is no guarantee that each series will result in five sets of designs selected, but there is a high chance of this happening.

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