LEGO Bionicle is returning in 2023!

With LEGO’s plan to revive some classic themes from way back, 2023 is a swell year for LEGO fans (especially AFOL, who were around in the early 2000s). Unfortunately, there are no official details on the sets under the themes LEGO plans to revitalize in 2023 yet, but we’ve gathered some information about them from what has been revealed. Not long ago, a leak surfaced on Instagram, which provided more information about the LEGO Bionicle theme, one of LEGO’s most popular sets from the early period. 

It would seem LEGO is very intentional about bringing back these Classic themes, especially with the release of the LEGO ICONS 10497 Galaxy Explorer and the LEGO ICONS 10305 Lion Knight’s Castle sets. Also, LEGO recently allowed fans to vote on iconic LEGO themes, and the Classic Castle came out with the most fan votes (based on all the Castle theme votes). Coming a close second is the LEGO Classic Space, with only a few votes. On the other hand, LEGO Bionicle did not come close to the majority votes, leaving many fans unsatisfied with the LEGO Space and LEGO Castle combo, which seemed to leave out the LEGO Bionicle theme. 

The massive dissatisfaction shown by LEGO Bionicle and even LEGO Classic Space fans must have promoted LEGO to consider the promotional LEGO Bionicle set revealed in the leak. The popular Instagram leak page disclosed that the set to be released in 2023 is a LEGO 40580 Buildable Tahu Promo set. The set number (405) only means one thing- we will be getting a LEGO Brickheadz set ( probably not what many fans were anticipating). Except you are a big fan of the LEGO Brickheadz collection, you might not pay attention to the set when it is released in 2023. Being a promo set, as announced in the leak, there is a strong possibility that we might get another LEGO ICONS set in 2023, just for LEGO Bionicle fans!

Alongside this reveal is the exciting announcement that LEGO will also bring back LEGO Indiana Jones and LEGO Lord of the Rings in 2023, although there won’t be as many sets under these themes. For example, only two Brickheadz sets will be released under the  LEGO Lord of the Rings theme. Unconfirmed sources also reveal that there might also be a D2C (direct-to-customer) set to be released later in the year at a high cost of above $500 (USD).

There seems to be a more serious effort by LEGO to bring back the LEGO Indiana Jones theme in 2023. Eight new sets based on notable scenes from the first four Indiana Jones movies are expected to be released within the year. Four will certainly recreate iconic scenes from the first three Indiana Jones movies. We can also expect that other sets, which will be released much later, will be based on characters or recreate scenes from the much anticipated Fifth Indiana Jones movie.

It should be noted that information about these sets is still unconfirmed by LEGO and may end up being mere rumors and nothing more. 






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