LEGO DOTS will be ending in 2023

LEGO DOTS will be ending in 2023

LEGO has announced that it will be ending its craft-based theme, DOTS, after the March range is released. The theme, which was launched in March 2020, aimed to connect with kids through their passion for arts and crafts, encouraging self-expression and attracting new builders to the LEGO brand. The theme was a new style of building that used brightly coloured tiles to ignite creativity with LEGO fans in a fun and unique way.

However, LEGO has recognized the challenges of establishing DOTS as a long-term brand in the arts and crafts category. The company will refocus its attention on ensuring elements of tile-play live on across other areas of the business. They also confirmed that this discontinuation will not affect the business direction on similar themes like LEGO Art and that there will be more exciting launches in the future.

The January and March launches of LEGO DOTS will go ahead as planned, but will also be the last for this theme. All current items from 2022 will remain active in the product line-up until the end of the year. The company wants to thank all their LEGO DOTS fans for their creativity and support of the theme.






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