LEGO House and Disney's Century-Long Magic: A Mosaic Celebration

LEGO House and Disney’s Century-Long Magic: A Mosaic Celebration

In the picturesque town of Billund, where the tale of LEGO began just over nine decades ago, an enchanting collaboration has unfolded. LEGO House is currently exhibiting four colossal mosaics, each standing 4.5 meters high, composed of over 220,000 LEGO bricks. These pieces are a grand homage to Disney’s centennial celebrations.

LEGO House and Disney's Century-Long Magic: A Mosaic Celebration

Conjured from the imaginative minds of three renowned female artists, Lakwena Maciver of London, Amy Jones of Paris, and Kristin Texeira of New York, these murals draw inspiration from both the captivating history of Disney’s magical universe and the potential of the new LEGO | Disney Castle set. Adorning these mosaics are iconic characters from Disney’s timeline: Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Ariel, and even Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear, to name a few. Each representation, enveloped in the distinct artistic style of its creator, serves as a testament to the intersection of art, play, and storytelling.

LEGO House and Disney's Century-Long Magic: A Mosaic Celebration

The art journey began with Lakwena Maciver’s unveiling at London’s Tower Bridge on June 21. Throughout the summer, Disney and LEGO enthusiasts in Manchester, Paris, and New York came together in a collective effort to complete the other three mosaics.

LEGO House and Disney's Century-Long Magic: A Mosaic Celebration
Lakwena Maciver, UK

Now, all four masterpieces are harmoniously exhibited in LEGO Square, situated at the heart of LEGO House, with free public access. Kathrine Kirk Muff, Managing Director of LEGO House, shares her enthusiasm, stating, “There is something poetic about the LEGO Group’s celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary culminating here at the LEGO House. These impressive mosaics illustrate the endless possibilities of the LEGO bricks, which the LEGO House celebrates.”

Surrounding the mosaics, onlookers can also indulge in a visual journey of popular LEGO | Disney sets that have emerged over the past 24 years, including the cherished LEGO | DULPO | Winnie the Pooh set. Notably, the new LEGO | Disney Castle stands nearby, encompassing elements from 14 Disney classics, ranging from Snow White to Moana.

LEGO House and Disney's Century-Long Magic: A Mosaic Celebration

These artists bring their unique backgrounds and inspirations to the project. Amy Jones, an American-born artist based in Paris, finds inspiration from Belle of Beauty & The Beast, crediting the character for her adoration of French culture. Kristin Texeira, a prominent figure in the international art scene, recalls the harmonious blend of music and color in Disney’s Fantasia as an influence in her creations.

This union of LEGO and Disney, both timeless entities, offers fans an opportunity to revel in the magic, nostalgia, and boundless creativity that they’ve cherished for generations.





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