LEGO Ideas Launches 50th Set: "The Insect Collection"

LEGO Ideas Launches 50th Set: “The Insect Collection”

The momentous release of the 50th LEGO Ideas set is upon us, marking its place as the 5th in the 2023 lineup. Introducing set number 21342, titled “The Insect Collection”, it boasts an assembly of 1,111 pieces and comes with a price tag of £69.99/$79.99/€79.99. Exclusive early access for LEGO VIP members starts on 4th September 2023, with the global launch scheduled for 7th September 2023.

LEGO Ideas Launches 50th Set: "The Insect Collection"

Drawing inspiration from an original fan submission, this LEGO Ideas set showcases an array of vibrant, brick-crafted insects. Among the highlights are the Blue Morpho Butterfly, Greater Chinese Mantis, and the Hercules Beetle. Crafted meticulously, these insect models utilize innovative techniques to replicate their real-world counterparts in LEGO style.

Beyond the trio of insects, the collection offers additional charm with brick-made stands and accompanying landscapes. The 21342 set features three distinct stands, each with a sleek black base adorned with decorative elements like leaves, flowers, and mushrooms.

LEGO Ideas Launches 50th Set: "The Insect Collection"

Key Details of the Set

  • Name: The Insects Collection
  • Set Number: 21342
  • Suitable For Ages: 18 and up
  • Number of Pieces: 1,111
  • Pricing: £69.99/$79.99/€79.99
  • Available From: 4th September 2023






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