LEGO Inside Tour 2022 Souvenir Set: The 4000037 LEGO Factory AGV

4000037 LEGO Factory AGV
4000037 LEGO Factory AGV

As LEGO’s custom to hand out limited edition souvenir sets to individuals who have spent about €2,000 to be a LEGO Inside Tour participant, LEGO has revealed the 4000037 LEGO Factory AGV set as this year’s souvenir set. The unveiled 4000037 LEGO Factory AGV box designed by Stuart Harris is modelled after LEGO’s original autonomous robot vehicles that operate endlessly to collect newly moulded LEGO parts from the Billund factory and store them away in the various storage facilities.


4000037 LEGO Factory AGV
Back of the box  for the set 4000037

The original vehicles will be shown to participants in the LEGO Inside Tour this year at the Billund facilities. They are then offered the exclusive, 4000037 LEGO Factory AGV set just as LEGO has always done, probably to make up for the large amount participants have to pay for the inside tour or to compensate for the cost that comes in the course of resale.

4000037 LEGO Factory AGV

The inside tour participants usually choose not to instantly resell the souvenir set offered after the tour, mostly because the set also features a photo of the tour participants behind the box and intends to have that with them instead. So for those seeking this limited edition souvenir product on eBay or Bricklink, you may not see it on the shelf at first, but someone might eventually sell it to you later.

4000037 LEGO Factory AGV






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