LEGO Inside Tour Kicks Off Inside Tour 2022 Registration On 6th December 2022

It’s that time of the year again when LEGO opens the gates wide for a guided tour of its factory. So get your money ready as the LEGO Inside Tour 2023 starts registration on 6th December at exactly 10:00 am. According to sources, there will be six sessions on these tours, and you can opt for any session while registering.

All the sessions will be fixed for next year, so you can use your the Billund and meet some of the creatives at LEGOLAND park. Anyone registering for this tour will also receive an exclusive LEGO set for attending, which you can either sell for whatever amount you think it’s worth or keep as an addition to your LEGO collections.

The registration costs about €2.700 or 20.000 DKK. This amount will cover all the estimated costs for the tour. So it covers a three-day visit and stays at the park. This includes all the meals you eat during those three days and your hotel accommodation. 

However, you’ll have to fund all your transport and accommodations at the start and end of your stay i.e., and you pay all your expenses right before and after the three-day tour.

You can register here as soon as the process begins at 10:00 am on 6th December. You’ll be notified if you get selected for the tour, after which you can proceed with the payment. If you don’t get a notification, it means you weren’t selected.





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