LEGO Sonic's Speed Sphere Challenge (76990)

LEGO Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge (76990)

Prepare for an exciting adventure with the highly anticipated LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog theme! The thrilling journey begins with the reveal of five sensational sets, and among them is the action-packed 76990 Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge. Get a sneak peek into this exhilarating set, which is the smallest of the five, boasting 292 pieces, and is set to hit the shelves in August 2023.

LEGO Sonic's Speed Sphere Challenge (76990)

In this set, you’ll find a launcher build along with a transparent ball that can be unleashed to tackle enemies encountered during Sonic’s adventures.

LEGO Sonic's Speed Sphere Challenge (76990)

The ball can also speed up the green ramp, which forms part of the iconic Green Hill Zone, alongside other elements that capture the essence of Sonic’s world.

The set includes a single Minifigure, Sonic himself, complete with his trademark headpiece, printed torso, and dual-molded legs. Additionally, there’s a small beach scene build featuring a tempting hotdog for Sonic to enjoy.

LEGO Sonic's Speed Sphere Challenge (76990)

Information about the set:

  • Set Name: Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge
  • Set Number: 76990
  • Recommended Ages: 6+
  • Piece Count: 292
  • Price: £24.99 / $34.99 / €29.99
  • Release Date: August 1, 2023





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