76265: Batwing: Batman vs. The Joker

LEGO Unveils the 1989 Batwing Set: Batman vs. The Joker, Joining the New Wave of DC Batman Sets

LEGO has officially unveiled the 1989 Batwing set, a perfect companion to the earlier released 1989 Batmobile. Named “Batwing: Batman vs. The Joker”, this set under the catalogue number 76265 joins the line of LEGO DC Batman sets after a hiatus of nearly two years without a fresh addition to the series.

76265: Batwing: Batman vs. The Joker

Some enthusiasts may express disappointment considering the last version of the 1989 Batwing, set number 76161, was only released a few years back. However, the previous model, a massive 18+ D2C, has been retired and was exclusive to select stores, making it less accessible for many. The revamped Batwing set, 76265, is much more approachable, boasting engaging mechanics and miniatures of both Batman and Joker.

This improved set offers more than just an entertaining build, it’s also affordable at £31.99 / $37.99 / €37.99 and includes 357 pieces. Mark your calendars for the release date, 1st August 2023.

76265: Batwing: Batman vs. The Joker

Here are the specifics:

  • Set Name: Batwing: Batman vs. The Joker
  • Set Number: 76265
  • Suitable for Ages: 8 and up
  • Total Piece Count: 357
  • Price: £31.99 / $37.99 / €37.99
  • Scheduled Release: 1st August 2023





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