A display showcasing the beautiful Blue Morpho butterfly, the Hercules beetle, and the Chinese mantis in all their glory.

LEGO’s ASMR Adventure: The Insect Collection

When you think of LEGO, towering structures and intricate replicas might come to mind. However, LEGO’s latest release focuses on the micro-world of insects. Titled “The Insect Collection,” this set allows enthusiasts to create life-sized models of three bugs: a Blue Morpho butterfly, a Hercules beetle, and a Chinese mantis. Yet, beyond just the aesthetics, this collection offers a sensory experience – diving deep into the world of ASMR.

Sanaa Kelley, masterfully crafting ASMR sounds that breathe life into each insect, amplifying the building experience.

The set’s intricate designs, including the butterfly’s multifaceted blue hues and the mantis’s detailed antennae, are a testament to the finesse of LEGO bricks. It’s a departure from the familiar blocky constructs, showcasing how these tiny bricks can capture the nuances of nature.

LEGO's ASMR Adventure: The Insect Collection

José María Pérez Suero, a fan designer from Spain, is the genius behind this creation. Drawing inspiration from the insect world, he recalls, “I’ve always been captivated by insects and their pivotal roles in our ecosystem.” Through the community-driven LEGO Ideas platform, Pérez Suero‘s (aka hachiroku24) vision transformed from just an idea into a tangible product.

LEGO's ASMR Adventure: The Insect Collection

Delving deeper into the immersive experience, LEGO has introduced the “Green Noise Playlist,” an ASMR auditory delight. Curated by the talented Emmy-nominated foley artist, Sanaa Kelley, the playlist is an amalgamation of LEGO brick clicks and natural sounds that encapsulate the distinct noise each insect makes. It’s a refreshing blend of creativity and nature, ensuring that the building process is both relaxing and enriching.

LEGO's ASMR Adventure: The Insect Collection

Ultimately, the LEGO Insect Collection offers LEGO fans more than just models; it presents a multisensory journey. Once the set is assembled, you’re left with three vibrant, movable models, perfect to adorn any display space. For those eager to embark on this ASMR LEGO journey, pre-orders are available now, with an official release set for September 7, 2023 with a $79.99 / €79.99 / £69.99 price.






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