LEGO's Dream Team: Young Visionaries Shape the Future of LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Theme

LEGO’s Dream Team: Young Visionaries Shape the Future of LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Theme

In an innovative initiative, a talented child from the UK has joined an exclusive group, the inaugural LEGO Group’s Chief Dream Creators. Hailing from across the globe, these youngsters were chosen based on their exceptional dream creature designs. Samuel Debenham, an 11-year-old from England, stood out with his inventive Seahorse Submarine creation.

LEGO's Dream Team: Young Visionaries Shape the Future of LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Theme

The Chief Dream Creators, consisting of children aged 6-12 from Singapore, Hungary, the USA, Poland, and the UK, visited LEGO’s headquarters for an immersive workshop. Here, they not only shared their dream creatures but also got a sneak peek into how LEGO’s team of animators and designers breathe life into these figments of imagination.

During this one-of-a-kind workshop, Samuel’s Seahorse Submarine vision came to life in LEGO bricks. Samuel expressed his excitement, stating, “I’m thrilled that the designers captured my Seahorse Submarine’s essence. It was an incredible experience to see my imagination translate into LEGO form and to exchange ideas with fellow Chief Dream Creators.”

Other impressive creations by these young visionaries include:

  • Marisol Acosta’s “Dreamer Dragon”, a splendid purple dragon constructed from clouds.
  • Stanisław Krawczyk’s aerial adventurer, “The Flying Frog”.
  • Matthew Chng’s “Giraffe Mail”, a quirky giraffe with rocket boosters emitting leaves.
  • Julia Bisweska-Sidoruk’s versatile “Dreamstone Guardian”.
  • Gergő Zoltán Fullér’s unique “Vara-Wasp”, merging a wasp and a monitor lizard.

Marcia Marks Laursen, Head of Product for LEGO® DREAMZzz™, remarked on the unparalleled creativity displayed by these youngsters, emphasizing the theme’s central idea of dreams becoming tangible realities.

The Chief Dream Creators’ role goes beyond this workshop. They represent the limitless imagination of children, exemplifying the positive impact of dreams on young minds. Their designs have been crafted into artistic renditions and will be showcased in animated shorts set to debut in 2024.

This remarkable initiative aligns with the LEGO® DREAMZzz™ series’ grand launch in May. The show, aired in 38 languages, quickly became the LEGO Group’s most extensive global series launch. This engaging series introduces viewers to a group of school friends who embark on fantastical journeys in the dream world to combat the Nightmare King.





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