New Minifigures parts are revealed by LEGOLAND Japan

LEGOLAND Japan has made an important revelation those new minifigs could make their way to international audience soon. This update revealed that over a dozen new Minifigures parts would debut on the franchise soon.

As seen in LEGOLAND Japan’s Twitter account, there has been a recolouration of Collectible Minifigures. The account also confirmed more elements would be added, with these pieces being available at the resort from December 10 2022.

However, recall that the last time there was an announcement of Build-a-Minifigure parts, the ly didn’t make it to the LEGO stores until much later. This means fans could be forced to wait longer than anticipated with this new announcement as well. 

Some of these figures released were shown in trios, so the best guess is that they’ll also be packaged and shipped as seen. There are also speculations that the group of four designs in one set would rarely come across. Otherwise, it might be that some or all of these set pieces will be available for purchase in the towers.

In the list of newly released collections, there is the iconic ferry costume from 71034 Series 23. The minifig was recoloured and was newly printed to have a pizza costume. This new design now resembles a strawberry cake and crayon costume with a beautiful star design.

The visuals shared by LEGOLAND Japan during the announcement were only available at LEGOLAND Japan. You can’t get them anywhere else in the world until it’s been officially confirmed that they’ll be shipped to other parts of the world. You can check back with us for updates regarding the availability. We’ll share on our website if there is any update about the Minifigures being available for worldwide distribution.





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