Review: Picnic at the Park - LEGO® City™ (60326)

Review: Picnic at the Park – LEGO® City™ (60326)

The City theme has not varied much, so I dare say that this set was a slight breath of fresh air. It is a small park setting, but it was very well done.

Picnic at the Park - LEGO® City™

The set has a simple tree, about 12 cm high, but it works well for the intended effect and can be adjusted quite easily. Here in the tree, we can find two 1×1 tiles with an acorn printed on them. Accompanying the tree, we have what for me is the best part of this set, the new squirrels. Available in 2 colors, brown and black (black is exclusive to this set so far).

Picnic at the Park - LEGO® City™

Then we have a picnic table. Here several 1×3 arches were used, resulting in a well-achieved effect and with a good choice of colors. As props, we have 2 mugs, in different colors, and a pizza box.

This set has 2 vehicles. The park’s maintenance vehicle is small but well-built, with green and orange tones. The only sticker in this set is used on the vehicle, an emblem with a sheet that is glued to the roof of the vehicle. There is space for a Minifigure inside the car. The car has some accessories attached to the sides and at the back a section to transport plants.

The other vehicle is a yellow bicycle (with a new hue) with a trailer. A simple construction, but it works well.

Undoubtedly, a great little set that will please many children, but also many adults to expand their cities.


This set offers 3 Minifigures. The park gardener, with a new head available, is very interesting. Then we have the two visitors, a child, and a lady.

Picnic at the Park - LEGO® City™

Here we already found some more new pieces (as will be mentioned below). Both figures are very well-made (especially the chosen torsos) and have the option of choosing to wear hair or bike helmets.

Parts and value

The set consists of 135 pieces, with a value of €14.99. At first glance, it may seem a little expensive, but when we take a good look at what the set offers, we can conclude that it is an acceptable price.

Picnic at the Park - LEGO® City™

There are some new pieces in this set. I have to highlight the new squirrels, available here in black (exclusive color of the set) and brown. The gardener has a new head, the child a new color from this hair pattern, and the female figure a new torso.






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