Review: 40588 Flowerpot

Review: 40588 Flowerpot

Today’s review is of the set that is currently on offer on the LEGO website, for purchases over €150 / $150 / £130, the set 40588 Flowerpot. This is a bit high, taking into account the offer set that is not very exclusive.

LEGO GWP 40588 Flowerpot

The set consists of 292 pieces and fits very well in the recent botanical collection, launched by LEGO and which has been very well received by several collectors and which has brought many others to this LEGO world.

The pieces are packed in numbered bags, except the larger pieces that are separated in a separate bag. The only pieces that don’t come in a bag are the 4 pieces that will make the vase, which come loose. These pieces were originally released on set

Trolls 41252 Poppy’s Air Balloon Adventure, but here it appears for the first time in yellow.

The interior construction is simple but effective, forming a very firm vase with a round shape. Once the vase is built, it is easy to attach the flowers. The flowers are made using pieces that are already known, some of them with new colours (such as the brown piece that makes the stem of the tallest flowers). We can find six varieties of plants within this set, including cherry blossoms, Salix discolor and billy buds.

LEGO GWP 40588 Flowerpot

The end result is a beautiful and well-balanced piece of decor. With a height of 29 cm, this set can be placed anywhere without being too intrusive.
It’s a shame that you have to buy one to get one, but I liked the fact that it was a different offer.







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