Review: 40590 Houses of the World 2

Review: 40590 Houses of the World 2

Today we will review the second of a set of four (at least for now) of a new theme released by LEGO, exclusive to GWP.

As you would expect, LEGO maintained the value to obtain this offer, so it was necessary to spend 250€/250$/220£, between 1st and 9th of April on the website or in official stores to obtain it.

LEGO GWP 40583 Houses of the World

As in the first of the series, 40583 Houses of the World 1, in this set the building is built on slabs with the following measurements: 10 studs deep by 12 studs wide with a walkway at the front and a street at the side. The building has two floors and a small veranda over a white arch supported by decorative pillars.
The set is inspired by the Muslim architecture of southern Spain and North Africa.

The pieces decorated in this set are not printed, but stickers are available on a small sheet (they are used for the external walls, tiles, table and rug).

Looking straight ahead, we find a teapot and a mug of tea on a table next to the entrance door, which is surrounded by a characteristic arch, typical of the region.
Something I really liked was the palm tree that is next to the house, as well as a group of plants climbing the side, something very common in this area.

LEGO GWP 40583 Houses of the World

All the exterior decoration of the building is very beautiful, with beautiful windows and some stickers giving some architectural touches unique to these places. But not only the exterior has several details. Let’s look inside.

In the living room on the ground floor there is a piano in the corner, a dark red sideboard, a table and chairs. The table has a sticker with a very nice design (I think it simulates the marquetry design).

LEGO GWP 40583 Houses of the World

Upstairs we find a small bed, but very well-built, a corner sofa, a potted plant and a rug, where another adhesive is used. I found it curious that they placed a lamp on the bedroom ceiling, something that is not very common.

Now let’s move on to the roof, where we can see some plants and a clothesline, complete with clothes drying in the sun (a detail I found very interesting).

Undoubtedly a beautiful building. For now, the building I liked the most. Let’s wait to see how the next two that are planned will be.

Just a note, if these missing buildings come out this year, we are talking about having to spend at least €1000 to have the complete collection, a very high amount.

I understand that LEGO intends to encourage purchases on the website and official stores with these offers, but with such high prices, it becomes more and a more luxury to get some of these offers.






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