Review: 40627 Sonic the Hedgehog

Review: 40627 Sonic the Hedgehog

During the year 2023, several sets will be available in the theme of the game “Sonic”. In addition to the minifigure sets, in September 2 BrickHeadz were released, and today we will review one of them, the set 40627 Sonic the Hedgehog.

Review: 40627 Sonic the Hedgehog

I’m a big fan of the BrickHeadz format, but this format has several limitations, which means that you can’t always immediately know which character is involved. But LEGO designers have managed to bring several features to the characters in the official sets, which allow most to recognize the character. And the truth is that anyone looks at this assembled BrickHeadz and immediately recognizes the character from the games.

Review: 40627 Sonic the Hedgehog

At first glance, some aspects are immediately highlighted, such as the area of the face, the legs, the head and the chosen shades.

Speaking about the eye area, the pieces were very well-chosen to reproduce Sonic’s features very well. Initially I found the color of his eyes strange, but after looking at some photos, I saw that in several games his eyes are green (I’m not a big fan of games, hence my strangeness). But if they kept the typical black and white eyes of the BrickHeadz, the designer would still be well done, and maybe it would be less awkward, at least the first few times.

As for the legs, I highlight the shoes, which are well done, but I found the legs a little short considering that the character in the game has long legs. But I understand that in order to keep the measurements within the standard, it was chosen to do so.

Review: 40627 Sonic the Hedgehog

Then the head area is well-designed, and the way the spiky fur was placed gives the feeling of Sonic being in motion. The rest of the design is well done, including the area around the ears.

On his hand, Sonic has a ring that was created for the minifigure scale sets, and that was a nice addition to this creation.

In short, a good design for this BrickHeadz, although I recognize that I’ve seen MOC’s with better quality.

Review: 40627 Sonic the Hedgehog

Value and Parts

This set has 139 pieces and the usual value for a BrickHeadz is €9.99, £9.99 and $9.99. I believe that many fans of the theme will want to have this set in their collection.

  • Unboxing – 6/10
  • Easy to build – 9/10
  • Aesthetics – 7/10
  • Playability – 5/10
  • Minifigures – NA
  • Collectible – 6/10
  • Parts – 6/10
  • Price – 9/10





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