Review: BrickHeadz Tusken Raider™

Review: BrickHeadz Tusken Raider™

I’m a collector of the two themes we’re reviewing today, BrickHeadz and Star Wars. So when I saw this BrickHeadz I immediately thought: how many official Brickheadz have come out so far? And the answer is 22! I had no idea how many there would be.

40615 - Star Wars Brickheadz: Tusken Raider
Star Wars Brickheadz: Tusken Raider Box

Being “only” 22, maybe it would make more sense to have a more well-known character portrayed here, but I’m sure we all like the choice of this Tusken Raider, especially taking into account The Book of Boba Fett series, which explored the history of these characters a lot.

40615 - Star Wars Brickheadz: Tusken Raider
40615 – Star Wars Brickheadz: Tusken Raider

This character has everything perfect to be used in the BrickHeadz format, and the LEGO designers did not disappoint and achieved a good final result. The textures achieved, and the mask, make this one of the best Star Wars themed BrickHeadz.

Speaking of the mask, Tusken Raiders need specialized equipment to survive in the barren Dune Sea, including their breathing filter, which is very well constructed in this set. I liked the use of Technic connectors to simulate the lenses.

This set has 6 printed tiles, which simulate the bags used by the Tusken. A piece that will be very useful for future BrickHeadz.

Star Wars Brickheadz: Tusken Raider
Brickheadz: Tusken Raider with gaderffii and a musket.

This Tusken has 2 objects that could not be missing, a gaderffii (the traditional weapon of the Tusken) and a musket.
Otherwise, it’s a typical BrickHeadz construction, which sits on the usual black 6×6 plate.

Value and parts

Despite LEGO’s recent price increases, the standard BrickHeadz price has remained at €9.99 (£9.99, $9.99$), which is a fair value for what we are offered. This set has a total of 152 pieces, 2 of which are new references.





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