Review: Disney 100 Years Celebration (40600)

Review: Disney 100 Years Celebration (40600)

Taking advantage of the celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary, LEGO created several commemorative sets and one of the best was this set that we have for review today, the GWP 40600 Disney 100 Years Celebration.

Review: Disney 100 Years Celebration (40600)

When we look at the set, we have no doubt that Mickey Mouse was the inspiration, so the dominant colors are the traditional ones, black, red and yellow.
The set is divided into 3 distinct zones connected by clips, which can be displayed together or separately.

I found it interesting that they created an area on the back that serves as a support for small photos.

Review: Disney 100 Years Celebration (40600)

Let’s talk about each of the zones. The first is a desk, which is very interestingly made. One of the highlights has to go to the 2×2 tile with the printed outline of Mickey Mouse. I really liked the way the small lamp was created that focuses on the designer’s work. To draw the sketch, we have a pen.

Then we have another area, which surprised me a lot. Here a cinema screen is highlighted, adorned with the head bow worn by Minnie and also her round ears. So far it looks like something cool, but nothing surprising, until we see the projector that is in front of the screen.

Review: Disney 100 Years Celebration (40600)

Technic wheels are integrated and nicely represent the coils on the side of the projector, which also contains a light brick. And here begins the surprising part, as light passes through a window printed on the front and projects Mickey’s animated debut in Steamboat Willie onto the screen!

And finally, we have a cinema seat, with plenty of popcorn and armrests, to seat the Mickey minifigure. To be perfect, the image could be reflected more clearly and perhaps another tone of light used could help. Despite this, a very interesting final effect.

Review: Disney 100 Years Celebration (40600)

In the third and last section, we can build the commemorative cake and the number 100. To give it a more festive look, 2 very colorful balloons were placed.
Despite only having 226 pieces, it is a very interesting set and was offered on purchases of €100, £95 or $100 or more within the various Disney themes available from LEGO, which was actually a very reasonable value and that many took advantage of, especially with so many commemorative sets available for purchase.


We’ve already had several representations of Mickey Mouse in minifigure form. For this set, a silver coat with several stars was chosen, reminiscent of a costume presented for the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Disney, in Disneyland.

Review: Disney 100 Years Celebration (40600)

Additionally, we have a red bow tie and black pants, completing a celebratory look that will flatter.

  • Unboxing – 6/10
  • Easy to build – 8/10
  • Aesthetics – 8/10
  • Playability – 9/10
  • Minifigures – 7/10
  • Collectible – 9/10
  • Parts – 7/10
  • Price – 10/10 (GWP)





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