Review: Houses of the World 3 (40594)

Review: Houses of the World 3 (40594)

Today we have the third Houses of the World set to review, a new theme created for GWP on the website and in some LEGO stores.

After a house in Central America and another in Africa, this new house brings us to Europe, in a typical mountain chalet.

Review: Houses of the World 3 (40594)

As in the previous sets, we have a sheet with several stickers that we will use in this construction. As you know, I am not at all in favor of stickers, but we have to understand that in some situations they are the best way to get details in a cheaper way, especially in scales like these.

Speaking of scale, LEGO has kept the scale at 12×10, and well. It makes perfect sense that the houses have the same scale, because when exposed they will create another impact.

The building has 2 predominant colors, white on the first floor and brown on the first floor.

Review: Houses of the World 3 (40594)

Starting at the first floor, we can find a small bench and a kite to store the skis. In addition, we have an area with many logs (effect created by several printed 1×1 tiles). On the sides, we have a small window on one side and then an area of rock, from the mountain. On the other side we have an ax and a tree trunk, to be used in the fireplace, and again a small area of rock.

The door uses one of the available stickers. Window shutters also use adhesives to recreate these typical shutters.

In the upper area, we have a balcony, where stickers are used again, to recreate the effect of wood. In addition, in the front area of the porch, we have several flowers.

Coming to the roof, it is well recreated, especially the details of it being more prominent than the balcony area, which is normal because of the snow that falls in these areas.

We’ve already talked about the outside, now let’s talk about the inside. Again, there are numerous details within the interior of both floors, which are best appreciated by separating the three sections, as is possible on previous models. In addition, as the back of the house is open, it is also possible to see its interior without separating these parts.

Review: Houses of the World 3 (40594)

On the first floor we have an area with a sofa around a fireplace, a record player and a piece of furniture where we can find a slice of cheese and a chocolate (here a reference to Switzerland and the mountain houses found in this area).

To complete the cozy atmosphere, we have a beautiful painting, with a mountain.
On the first floor we have the bedroom, where we find a bed, 2 bedside tables and an area for lifting weights (to have the strength to later split all that firewood that we found in front of the house).

For those who are making the collection, you will certainly not lose this house again, but again you will have to open your purse strings, as the value to obtain this GWP remains at €250, £220 or $250, as in previous offers.

Review: Houses of the World 3 (40594)

The advantage is that this month there were several launches and this value can easily be calculated.

  • Unboxing – 6/10
  • Easy to build – 9/10
  • Aesthetics – 7/10
  • Playability – 5/10
  • NA minifigures
  • Collectible – 8/10
  • Parts – 7/10
  • Price – 3/10 (GWP)





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