Review: Ice Cream Shop - LEGO® City™ (60363)

Review: Ice Cream Shop – LEGO® City™ (60363)

Today we will review one of the new City sets, the 60363 Ice-Cream Shop. This set, as well as some that came out this year in the City theme, remind me of another LEGO theme, the Friends sets, especially considering the bright colors chosen for the sets.

Review: Ice Cream Shop - LEGO® City™ (60363)

This set, in addition to the ice cream shop, has a bicycle with a wooden basket on the front. I confess that I would have liked more to see an adaptation of this bike to an ice cream cart, which is very common near beach areas and would have suited the theme of this set better.

But let’s talk a little about the details of the set. Looking from the front, it works very well, with a corner shape (or L-shape), the problem is when we place it next to other buildings and we no longer have access to the building behind it.

Review: Ice Cream Shop - LEGO® City™ (60363)

This aspect immediately caught my attention, but if you are going to be isolated, then you already have easy access. Another aspect that I found strange was the shape of the building, as the right side has a curved shape while the other side already has a straight shape. I think it would have worked better if both sides had the curvature.

The store stands out for its large, transparent windows (in a light blue tone), which work very well. The door uses the same shades and works well with the rest of the set. I thought it was funny that the door handle was shaped like an ice cream piece. In front of the store, we have a small area where we find a table. Simple but effective. There is a detail here that I thought was well done.

Review: Ice Cream Shop - LEGO® City™ (60363)

The colors used on the table are the same as those used to represent the ice cream that is on top of the building. By the way, this roof detail for me is one of the best. The ice cream cone, as well as the melting ice cream, were very well-made and made all the difference in this construction. Without this touch, the set wouldn’t be anything special.

Of course, we can’t turn the set upside down, because we can’t find anything in the back area. The drawing was made to be seen only from the front, and I understand the option. When we look inside, we find little.

Review: Ice Cream Shop - LEGO® City™ (60363)

We have a very basic counter and a fridge, which is also very basic. Interestingly, what I liked most was the design of the plant, which we can also find inside. Despite this simplicity, I really liked the tones chosen.

To signal the store, we have a sign that points in the direction of the ice cream shop. One of the stickers from this set is used here. The other stickers are used on the folding sign, where the items sold in the ice cream shop are advertised. Minifigures In this set, we can find 3 minifigures, the highlight being the figure dressed as a polar bear mascot.

Review: Ice Cream Shop - LEGO® City™ (60363)

This minifigure has a double-sided head. The torso is funny, where once again attention was paid to the store’s main colors, which are used on the sleeves. In addition, we have the design of the ice cream shop’s logo, with the ice cream melting. I confess that I really like these little details.

Then we have the two clients, an adult and a child. The adult has a newly designed torso and I really liked the head and hair chosen. A torso with a new print was also chosen for the child, with the remaining pieces being well-chosen. Without a doubt, a good addition to the set.

In addition, the figures have several accessories: 2 ice creams, a cell phone and a balloon. In addition, we have a spoon to be used by the mascot and 2 helmets for when the figures use the bicycle.

Review: Ice Cream Shop - LEGO® City™ (60363)

Although it is not a magnificent set, it will be an attractive set to be placed in any city, especially if it has a beach area, where this set, due to its design, will fit in better.

The tones were very well-chosen, and I really liked some small details, which make all the difference.

Pieces and value

The set has 296 pieces and 3 minifigures and is priced at €34.99, £29.99 or $39.99, which is a bit of a high value for what it offers. However, it will soon be easy to start finding this set on sale in several stores, and then you can get it at a good price.






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