Review: Jurassic World™ Dilophosaurus Ambush (76958)

Review: Jurassic World™ Dilophosaurus Ambush (76958)

In the set that we have in review today we can find a scene, which despite representing the death of one of the characters in the film, ended up becoming memorable. We talk about the death of Dennis Nedry by means of a Dilophosaurus. And everything was well-thought-out, as we will talk.

Review: Jurassic World™ Dilophosaurus Ambush (76958)

Let’s talk about Dilophosaurus first. As a rule, we do not find a good scale in the dinosaurs presented by LEGO, however, this new version of Dilophosaurus (as there were other versions) measures about 9 cm and is very close to the scale of the minifigures. In addition, these new colors seem to me to be very well-chosen and realistic and with a lot of good details.

Review: Jurassic World™ Dilophosaurus Ambush (76958)

For those who have seen the film, in the scene depicted on this set, Dennis intends to deliver the embryos to the East Dock, but becomes disoriented in the storm and crashes his jeep into a signpost, which is surrounded by some vegetation. And all this was well represented. We have the area with the plates, surrounded by some leaves. In total we have 3 signs (with stickers) where we can find the sign indicating “East Dock”, a small map and the arrow, which moves easily, as in the film. The plate area itself is easily removed, to be dropped, as it happens in the film. In addition, we can find a white colored frog.

Now let’s talk about the Jeep, more specifically the Wrangler model. This model has already been reproduced a few times in LEGO (mostly in Jurassic Park colors), but here we find the most classic model, just like the 76960 Brachiosaurus Discovery set, but in this case in a convertible model. But there are a few more differences, as you can see in the side area of the Jeep and also in the use of different stickers, but that make sense.

Review: Jurassic World™ Dilophosaurus Ambush (76958)

A detail that for me is best represented in set 76960 is the winch area (by the way, in general, I prefer the model that exists in this set more than the one we have in this set). The way it is made is much better than the one represented in this set, and I don’t understand the reason for the difference.

The interior has plenty of space, however, although there is an extra place, in reality it does not fit 2 minifigures (although in this set it does not make much difference, as it represents a scene in which there is only one character).
Another detail that was well achieved is the light bar above the windshield.
Finally, the back of the Jeep is well done, with the spare wheel and rear lights on each side.

It’s not the perfect Jeep Wrangler, but for the size, excellent detailing has been achieved.


This isn’t the first time we’ve had a Dennis Nedry minifigure, but it might be the best yet.

Review: Jurassic World™ Dilophosaurus Ambush (76958)

The twist highlights the blue jersey under the yellow raincoat. In addition, we can find the Jurassic Park logo. Both the legs and the hair remain unchanged and both match the character.

An excellent detail is on the double face. On one side we see the worried expression and on the other we find the head full of poison released by the Dilophosaurus.

In his hand, Dennis has a can with 2 printed pieces (where even the brand detail was not forgotten) that represent very well the can in which he hides the stolen embryos.

Parts and Value

This set has 211 pieces, 1 minifigure and 1 animal and costs €26.99 / £20.99 or $19.99 (I don’t understand why it’s so much cheaper in America), which is a reasonable price for what we offered in this set.

  • Unboxing – 6/10
  • Easy to build – 9/10
  • Aesthetics – 8/10
  • Playability – 8/10
  • Minifigures 8/10
  • Collectible – 8/10
  • Parts – 7/10
  • Price – 9/10





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