Review: LEGO® Land Rover Classic Defender (40650)

Review: LEGO® Land Rover Classic Defender (40650)

When Lego released the 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 set, many immediately thought of a smaller minifigure version. Incidentally, several MOC’s of this model were seen in this scale. So it was really nice to see the launch of the 40650 Land Rover Classic Defender set.

Review: LEGO® Land Rover Classic Defender (40650)

And despite the size, Lego achieved an excellent end result here by maintaining the size of 6 studs, which will please many as this is the most common size found in cities built by many AFOLs.

Something that I found very interesting was that the designers managed to maintain precise proportions, with high ground clearance, about 12 cm in length and space for two minifigures inside (despite the set only having one minifigure), one at the wheel and one in the zone.

Review: LEGO® Land Rover Classic Defender (40650)

From the rear of the vehicle (as the roof is removable, it’s easy to put the minifigures on and off). In short, the model’s shape and proportions are instantly recognizable to the original vehicle, despite simplifications in some areas, as you’d expect.

Honestly, I didn’t really like the chosen color, as I preferred a model in the color of its bigger brother, sand green. But I think the decision was due to cost issues, as it was not necessary to make pieces in new colors.

Review: LEGO® Land Rover Classic Defender (40650)

The front of the model includes a pair of printed 2×2 jumper plates (yes, printed, which it always should be, and in good detail), but the 2×3 tile with the grille and car model is not printed, which doesn’t do anything. Sense.

The hood area was the one I found most strange. It doesn’t convince me. I got the feeling that there’s more of a layer of parts than necessary.

Then in the back area, it is well-designed, with the spare tire detail, which could not be missing.

Finally, the upper part of the roof, where the rack is quite realistic and with the possibility of adding details, as in its “big brother”.


Here’s a new minifigure, with a fresh torso (also used in the 60362 Car Wash set). The head is double-sided, displaying neutral and cheerful expressions, with green glasses and a few freckles. The dark orange eyebrows also match the selected hair element. A typical minifigure found in Creator sets.

Review: LEGO® Land Rover Classic Defender (40650)

Parts and Value

This set has 150 pieces and a minifigure, priced right at €14.99, £13.49 or $14.99. Undoubtedly, a set that will please many collectors and will also delight many kids, as it is a set that will allow them to play a lot.

  • Unboxing – 6/10
  • Easy to build – 10/10
  • Aesthetics – 8/10
  • Playability – 9/10
  • Minifigures 6/10
  • Collectible – 7/10
  • Parts – 7/10
  • Price – 9/10





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