Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

​The first Lego minifigure collection of 2023 is out now, and it’s one of the best series ever. This time Lego surpasses itself and puts, in this twenty-fourth collection, an incredible variety of characters with astonishing details.​

There are 12 original figures, taken from different Lego universes, that I will review one by one.

1. Referee​

Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

This is one of the most surprising figures in this line.
Not for being a referee, but for being a female referee!
The figure is very good, excellent details and comes with a yellow card, a red card and a soccer ball as accessories.​

Assembly is very easy and has two expressions to change.​

2. Robot Warrior​

Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

With almost certain inspiration from Gundam designs, this is an excellent example of what a robot warrior should look.
The details are excellent, and the helmet has a completely new and unique design.
It comes with a huge blaster, that support good details and a very well-thought-out design.​

3. Brown astronaut and space baby.​

Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

The cutest figure in the collection is, without a doubt, this astronaut.

With a retro design and the space logo that every LEGO collector knows, this is a great buy for collectors new and old.
It is, perhaps, the only figure that needs no details and comes with a baby astronaut who could be Benny, a space character who appears in the Lego Movies.​​

Baby Benny is almost as spectacular as all the figures in this collection put together.

The brown astronaut also comes with a strange kind of radio that is a monitor for baby Benny.

A five-star figure!​

4. Carrot Mascot​

The mascot character that comes here with advertising for the Lego farmers’ fair could not be missing.
In addition to the giant carrot costume and the poster announcing the fair, the character also comes with a red hair wig, a clear Carrot color “wink” and two expressions to change.​​

Excellent and simple details.​

5. Falkoner

Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

This is the ultimate surprise for fans of Lego’s classic medieval lines.
The character belongs to the Black Hawks Faction and is identified as such, with the coat of arms on the uniform, fabric cape, a bow and a beautiful hawk.
Excellent detail, notice the hand that holds the Falcon, and a great choice for the collection.​

There are 2 expressions to change at will.​

6. T-Rex costume fan​

Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

The fascination with dinosaurs is finally here with this T-Rex costume.
It’s already a tradition in Lego minifigure sets to show up with a character dressed as an animal, and this time the surprise is a T-Rex.​

Simple but effective details, easy assembly and two expressions to change.

Nothing special about this figure other than the newness… is this the first of many Dinosaur costumes?​

7. Orc​

Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

Fantasy figures are always my favorite and this Orc is absolutely fabulous.
Details, attitude, cloth cape, sword and shield…an epic fantasy festival in one figure!
It’s excellent and a recognized reference to old fantasy Lego sets.​

A character ready for Army Building!!​

8. Conservationist

Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

This is clearly a tribute figure.
At first, I thought it was just a character of a common zookeeper, but then I realized that it resembled the late Steve Irwin.​

However, and despite being very simple, it is a figure full of meaning and does not lack excellent details with the koala (new figure!), included as an accessory and two expressions to change.​

9. Potter​

Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

Another great idea for a character that can be included in any Lego City set.
The character comes with a work table and two finished clay pieces. 
Incredible detail of dirty hands and two expressions that make her a curious and unique figure.​

10. Rococo Aristocrat

Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

France magnificently represented with a dusty lady in an original wig who is beautifully dressed and full of glamour. The little dog is mandatory, and although I think it could have had better details, it is nothing behind any other figure in this collection.​​

Very well executed and the biggest figure in this series being also the one that stands out immediately.​

11. Rocking Horse Rider

Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

The first child in the set comes with her little horse and nice details. As always, or almost always, the series come with a child and this girl, despite its simplicity, is a very good idea.​

The little horse is very well done and is an excellent Lego piece.​

12. Newspaper kid

Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 24 (71037)

Taken directly from the last century, this Newspaper Kid was a common presence on the streets of many cities around the world. This figure of a child newspaper seller comes with a slingshot, a newspaper and are equipped with a satchel that will certainly support the profession.​

It’s another excellent choice for a Lego character and a great last figure to this first series of 2023.​


In general, all figures are excellent acquisitions and are well worth buying.

It is still unknown, at least officially, what the next Lego series will be and what characters will appear around. However, I am sure that they will, once again, be a big surprise!

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