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Review of 40581: Bionicle Tahu and Takua

I have to start this review by being very honest with you, because I’m going to talk about a set that fits into a theme that doesn’t tell me anything and that I know little about, but I’m going to try to talk about it with as much impartiality as possible.

Once again LEGO has decided to give its fans a set of homage to a theme that is already discontinued, but that pleased many in the 2000s, Bionicle. I’m talking about set 40581 BIONICLE Tahu and Takua.

Despite celebrating this theme, you will find many changes here, especially as most of the pieces associated with this theme have been discontinued and LEGO chose not to bring them to this set, so you will find the standard pieces of today’s times.

Another change is in the box, as this set is not packaged in a plastic can, but in the typical paper boxes. However, the tones of the box are reminiscent of the classic version of the 8534 Tahu set. But LEGO could have made an effort to bring the shape of a can, but made it out of paper.

So let’s talk about the set in more detail. Tahu is certainly the most iconic BIONICLE character and the obvious choice for this commemorative model, and we have no doubt, despite the use of parts different from the originals, we have a good end result. The figure measures around 17 cm and is mounted on a circular base and placed on top of a surfboard, recalling the inspirational set from 2001 (8534).

For anyone who was a fan of the original theme, when you build this set you’ll feel more like you’re building a Marvel character Mech than a Bionicle. But at least care was taken that the proportions were exact, as the Mechs measure around 13 cm and this Bionicle 17 cm.

As several spherical joints were used, it is possible to move the neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, hips and knees, thus being able to expose the figure over the board in various ways (compared to the original model, we achieved much more movements).

The arms are well-built, allowing one hand to have a 2-finger claw and the other to be able to hold the Sword of Fire.

The mask area (on the 2 characters) is well done, and I was happy that LEGO didn’t fall into the temptation of using stickers here.

But this set has another character, The Matoran were introduced alongside the Toa Mata in 2001 (they came packaged in polybags). But the chosen character, Takua only appeared in 2003 in set 8595 Takua and Pewku.

From what I’ve been able to gather (since it’s not a topic that knows a lot of information), Takua is a suitable companion for Tahu, as he hails from the fire district.

One detail that I found interesting is the fact that Takua is attached to Tahu’s back so that the 2 can be exposed as a single piece.

This character is small, but includes good articulations. I noticed a difference in tones on the feet, as they are blue in the original model and here they are yellow (from what I’ve read, apparently the yellow colour fits better with its appearance in the games).

The final result is well achieved and is very well exposed, but in terms of construction, fans of the theme will not fully like it due to the fact that the typical pieces of this theme are not used.

Parts and value

This set has 219 pieces and is an offer in physical LEGO stores or online between January 27th and February 9th (or until stocks last) with the purchase of at least €100 on the following themes: City, Classic, Creator 3in1, DOTS, Friends, Monkie Kid and/or Ninjago.

I confess that I was surprised that a commemorative offer referring to a theme already discontinued requires the purchase of some specific themes and not any theme.

Should Bionicle receive a full reboot and become a full theme?






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