Review of 40583: Houses of the World

Review of 40583: Houses of the World

LEGO decided to create a theme name, it seems, just for gift sets. I say this because the set I’m going to talk about today, 40583 Houses of the World 1, indicates on the box that it is a limited edition, and by the 1 at the end of the name of the set we can deduce that it is the first of a series (from what I was able to find out 3 more houses are planned, sets 40590, 40594 and 40599, which are already listed on

Review of 40583: Houses of the World
The back of the Houses of the World

The inspiration for this first microscale home is Central America and, despite its size, it is full of details inside and out.

When I opened the box, I found what I don’t like at all, a sheet of stickers. But being a gift set, I can understand.
The building sits on a 9×12 base and is about 12 cm high.

The front facade of the House of the World
The front facade of the House of the World

The chosen tones are quite striking, as the colours Dark Azure and Bright Light Orange are used. In addition, we have a lot of colour, both on the roofs and on the windows. By the way, the windowsill area is very beautiful, with lots of colour and plants.

I found the choice of the Chihuahua to be at the entrance of the house curious, since it is a breed that originated in Central America.

Something that surprised me was the fact that the designers did not stop at the exterior of the house, which in itself was already very pleasant. They designed a modular model, in which the upper area is separated from the lower area, giving full access to the interior of the house (the back area is open and already allows this access, but I thought it was a good detail).

Inside we find several furniture details, many of these details being achieved by the use of adhesives.

The LEGO Houses of the World box
40583: Houses of the World Box

Downstairs we have a kitchen, with a fridge, stove and a piece of furniture. Then we have the dining area, where we have a round table and two chairs. Then we have another rest area with 2 more sofas and a table and a plant in the corner. In addition, we found a beautiful painting on one of the walls.

Review of 40583: Houses of the World
The GWP for 40583: Houses of the World

Arriving at the top floor, here we find a bed, a sofa, some plants, a colourful rug and a sideboard with a TV on top. As on the floor below, we can find another painting on one of the walls.

In the outside area we have a small garden on the side and in front of the house, a tree next to the pavement and a walkway.

Parts and value

This set has 347 pieces and was offered for a few days in January at LEGO physical and online stores for purchases worth €250/$250/AU$385 or more (I think that lately LEGO has been abusing the amount needed to get certain offers).






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