Review of Lego Star Wars new set for the show Andor - Ambush on Ferrix

Review of Lego Star Wars new set for the show Andor – Ambush on Ferrix

Today premieres the new series of the Star Wars universe, called Andor.

So far only one set has been released, based on this series, and that’s what we’re going to do. We’re talking about the Imperial Mobile Tac-Pod, a ship based on the popular Republic Gunship. In addition to this vehicle, the set has a speeder bike.

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Starting to speak for the speeder. It has about 16 cm, which is excellent as it allowed to create several details that I had never seen on a speeder bike. 
For example, I thought the idea of ​​the flexible cable on the front of the speeder bike was very good. 

Review of Lego Star Wars new set for the show Andor - Ambush on Ferrix

This speeder bike was made to fit 2 minifigures seated, as seen in the series, where the characters are chased. The colors chosen were also very good. Undoubtedly, another speeder bike that will allow many games.

Speaking now of the second vehicle, the Imperial Mobile Tac-Pod ship. As already indicated above, there was an influence of the Republic Gunship here, which is very interesting, as we are talking about a moment in the series that represents several changes in the Empire. 

Review of Lego Star Wars new set for the show Andor - Ambush on Ferrix

When we put it next to the speeder bike, what we immediately found is that it is small, very small (about 21 cm). But if we leave that detail (great detail, especially for this value), the ship is interesting. LEGO designers managed to recreate the shape of the ship very well, despite its size. 

Good details achieved on the outside of the ship, especially on the front. At the back, when the access to the loading area is closed, the design is very well done, but when it opens, well, it’s a disappointment! I expected much more, especially at this price point.

Some stickers were used to represent some details of the ship, something we are already used to.
It is easy to access the cockpit area and the soldiers’ transport area, where we can place the only figure that will be used in this ship (even in this it is justified that this set had at least 3 minifigures, one to pilot the ship and two to support the rear area. And, even there is space).


This set has 3 minifigures (all exclusive), but it should bring at least 5, not only for the value, but because it makes sense, as it is a soldier transport ship. Starting with the main character, Cassian Andor. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this character in a LEGO minifigure, as we’ve already had it on a Rogue One movie set. Here we have some significant changes, regarding her appearance, like her long hair or the dark coat she wears. Her head has 2 faces and the new skin tone. The figure has a blaster. The second character is Luthen Rael.


At first glance it looked like Tobias Beckett, but when I saw some scenes from the series where the character appears and compared it, it’s pretty similar. The head also has two faces, one more determined and the other more natural looking.

This figure also features a blaster, the type used by the Mandalorian minifigures. Finally, we have a new soldier, or rather an imperial security officer. The minifigure is identified as Syril Karn.

At first, I thought he was a Bespin guard, but the uniforms are quite different. Parts and value This set has 679 pieces and 3 minifigures, which is little for a set that costs €79.99 / US$69.99.

Although the Tac-Pod is well-designed on the outside, it immediately feels small, especially when we place it next to the speeder bike that comes with this set. Due to this dimension, the load area was significantly harmed in its design.

If LEGO had included two more security officers and Tac-Por being a little bigger, this set would have been a pretty acceptable value. Despite these limitations, a well-made set whose price should have been a maximum of €50.

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