Review of the 40622: 100th Celebration of Disney Brickheadz

Review of the 40622: 100th Celebration of Disney Brickheadz

This year Disney celebrates its 100th anniversary of Disney and LEGO will join in the celebration by releasing some sets. And the set that we are going to review today is the first of them.

40622 Disney 100th Celebration - Showcasing Snow White, Mickey Mouse, Oswald and Tinkerbell
LEGO Brickheadz Characters for the 100th Disney Celebration

We are talking about the set of four BrickHeadz, 40622 Disney 100th Celebration, which features some of the brand’s outstanding characters. Thus, we can find Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who was the first Disney character, then we have Mickey Mouse, who according to LEGO is “the first animated character ever” (which is strange, since Oswald appeared in 1927 and Mickey in 1928), Snow White, the star of Disney’s first feature film, and Tinker Bell, who was Disneyland’s first mascot.

LEGO 40622 - Brickheadz Disney 100th Celebration
LEGO 40622 – Brickheadz Disney 100th Celebration

Undoubtedly a well-chosen set. And we’ll talk about each one individually.

Something that we will find in common is the 6×6 plate that serves as a base, in the usual size, but to differentiate, 1×4 tiles are used not in black, but in silver. I’ll be honest, I think it would have been better to keep the tiles black, but add the name of each of the commemorative characters, perhaps indicating the year they appeared.

Let’s talk about each of the characters for display:

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Oswald was Walt Disney’s first creation, created in 1927 and appeared in small films from 1927 to 1932. During this period of time he had many aspects, but I think it made more sense to keep the character in black and white, for which is originally known (since that is what is being celebrated), as the character only happens to have blue shorts that appear in Brickheadz later on. For the rest it is a simple construction, but it reflects the character well.

Mickey Mouse

The film Steamboat Willie, produced in 1928, was the first Disney cartoon produced with synchronized sound. However, the film’s star was certainly not “the first animated character”, as LEGO claims in the product description.

However, there is no doubt that Mickey is Disney’s most well-known character. Unlike the option made with Oswald’s colours, here an option was made to use monochromatic tones, which we see in the film. In terms of design, little or nothing changes compared to set 41624.

Snow White

After more monochromatic tones, here we come to the first character with a lot of colour, Snow White. With a light blue and yellow dress, which is how she always appears.

Here we can find printed pieces, on the front and on the shoulders, undoubtedly good details. Her hair is well styled, with the red hair ribbon detail well achieved.


Here we come to the last and most interesting character in terms of design. Tinker Bell, who is the fairy from Peter Pan, is dressed in the tones we are all familiar with, lime green.

Here we have printed pieces, simulating leaves and the same pieces, in a translucent tone, simulating wings, it was a good detail, and it shows that the same piece can have several purposes. The way they drew the hair was also very well done.

Pieces and Prices

In total, we have 4 Brickheadz, with a sum of 501 pieces.
The set is available on the LEGO website and in physical LEGO stores for respectively $39.99/£39.99/€39.99 which is the normal price, considering that each Brickheadz is normally €9.99.

I was glad that LEGO didn’t take advantage and raise the price for being a commemorative set and franchised by Disney.

Review of the 40622: 100th Celebration of Disney Brickheadz


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