Review of the Blacktron Cruiser (40580)

Review of the Blacktron Cruiser (40580)

In recent times, AFOL cannot say that LEGO has not listened to us, as several themes that we have already asked for their return are finally returning. It’s true that it’s just a few punctual sets, but it’s already a start.
In today’s review we will talk about another comeback, a sub-theme within the space theme, Blacktron.

Box of Blacktron Cruiser (40580)
Blacktron Cruiser box (40580)

Similar to the 10497 Galaxy Explorer set, this set’s packaging invokes an older set, in this case the 6894 Invader set from 1987. No doubt a very nostalgic touch for many of us.

Another similarity that we can find between these two new sets of the space theme is the increase in the dimensions of the sets when compared to the original versions.

In the case of set 10497, this was designed with all dimensions increased by fifty percent compared to the original model. Looking at set 40580, it now measures about 29 cm in length, that is, about 6 cm more than its predecessor.

But talking about the set in review. Undoubtedly, 2 tones stand out in this set, as they are the characteristic tones of this sub-theme, black and transparent yellow.
The cockpit zone easily accommodates the Blacktron astronaut, using its air tanks. In addition, a space has been reserved in the front area to store the metal detector.

I liked a detail on the console, achieved through a sticker (and we have several in this set, which is a shame) where we can see the silhouette of a Galaxy Explorer.
Another aspect that I liked was the option of being able to have the wings in various positions.

LEGO Blacktron
Images for the GWP Blacktron

In the middle of the ship we have a cargo area, as it existed in the original ship, with some space to store things. Here we can store the box with a sticker with the Blacktron logo, tools or where we can store the robot we have on this ship.
In the back area, the dominant colour is black with transparent red. Another very good colour play that comes from the original set.

For those who know the original models, you know that one of the characteristics of these vehicles was their modular design, allowing to create other models with the original model. In this case, the ship is separated into five parts that can be rearranged in different ways, connecting by clips, thus achieving various configurations. A detail that will allow many pranks.

Undoubtedly, this Blacktron model is an excellent companion for the Galaxy Explorer, both of which are very well exposed next to each other or else, it will allow many games for the little ones.

After the Classic Space Theme Astronauts, we can say that the Blacktron Astronauts are among the favourites of many collectors.

Blacktron Minifigure and Robot
Blacktron Minifigure and Robot

Little has changed when we compare this model to the original model. The suit is black, with a helmet and visor also in this colour. On the torso we can find some decoration on the front and back (in the original models there was only printing on the front), in white, giving a good final result. Finally, we have the air tanks also in black.

Accompanying the astronaut, we have a small robot, as there was in the original model, however, with some minor changes. A simple but effective construction.

Value and parts
This was a free set in LEGO physical stores and online, for purchases over €190 during the first half of 2023.

Despite the high price required to get this set, the fact that LEGO made hundreds of releases in January allowed many to get this set with 343 pieces and 2 minifigures.

For those who couldn’t, but are interested, you can find several for sale on speciality websites. But don’t let too much time pass, because this set will tend to appreciate a lot.





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