Review of the latest LEGO® GWP 40591 Death Star II

Review of the latest LEGO® GWP 40591 Death Star II

Today we have to review the latest offer from LEGO to celebrate May 4th of this year and once again LEGO has given something to Star Wars fans that is even interesting, but that would be much more if it had put something that we all like, an exclusive minifigure.

We are talking about the 40591 Death Star II set that recreates in microscale this battle station so well known by fans of the theme.
Despite everything, we have a reasonably detailed set for the size, which reminds us of a set that is several years old, the 10143 Death Star II.

GWP LEGO Star Wars 40591 Death Star II

I liked the fact that LEGO opted for an exhibition model, so we have a simple but effective black base. Here we can find the piece that commemorates the 40th anniversary of the release of the film Return of the Jedi. For me, a different base would allow a better highlight of this piece and would still allow them to include a minifigure, which would be fantastic.

The way LEGO designers designed this construction was very well done because despite the size, we achieved the rounded shape. The techniques used were quite interesting and easy to build, starting with a central building and then adding sections around it. Something that helped to give the feeling of the round shape was the fact that we have here the incomplete version of the construction of this station, which is in great detail for the scale.

GWP LEGO Star Wars 40591 Death Star II

I liked the way the laser was made, but it is strange the use of transparent parts in green, with opaque parts, even more of different colours (at least they could have used the same colour).

There were some very interesting details that I didn’t notice during construction. One was the use of Technic parts in blue inside the core, but simulating the main reactor.

GWP LEGO Star Wars 40591 Death Star II

Another detail that I didn’t notice during construction was a very well done Easter egg. When one of the side panels opens, we find the Emperor’s throne room, where we can see Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and the Emperor himself (in reality they are plate round 1×1, but you get the idea)!

In summary, for a set with only 289 pieces, we have a very good final result with many interesting details. Personally, I would like to see a different base that includes a minifigure and also a laser alteration, as those different tones look a bit odd.

This set was an offer at LEGO shop online and at LEGO Star Wars stores for LEGO Star Wars purchases equal to or greater than €150, £130 or $150, which wasn’t even excessive, because for this amount we still had 2 extra offers.





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