Review of the LEGO® 75356 Super Star Destroyer Executor

Review of the LEGO® 75356 Super Star Destroyer Executor

When I saw this set we have for review, I immediately thought, is LEGO bringing multiple ships to this scale? After all, in 2020 we had an exclusive San Diego Comic-Con set, the 77904 Nebulon-B Frigate. And the detail achieved on this Rebel Alliance frigate was excellent.

LEGO® 75356 Super Star Destroyer Executor box

Now we have the 75356 Super Star Destroyer Executor! Again, we can find good details here for this size. Speaking of size, don’t think it’s small, as we have 43 cm long and 14 cm high. It should be noted that these ships are not made to scale, but we managed to obtain an excellent final result.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the frigate Nebulon-B, but for those who do, they should be very well next to each other, not only for the sake of exposure, but also for meaning, as they should remember the scene in which a frigate Nebulon-B attacked the Executioner Super Star Destroyer, during the Battle of Endor.

This model has a very well-made base. The choice of black was very good, as it not only matches the base tone of the 77904 set, but also creates a good colour contrast between the black base and the light and dark gray of the set.

LEGO® 75356 Super Star Destroyer Executor

Something that this set also shares in common with the 77904 set (sorry for so many comparisons, but there’s no way not to) we can find a printed plate.

LEGO® 75356 Super Star Destroyer Executor

However, there was an improvement here. While on set 77904 the plaque “only” highlighted the 40th anniversary of the movie Empire Strikes Back, here we have a brick commemorating the 40th anniversary of the movie Return of Jedi, but we still have a plaque where it informs the name of the ship on display. Undoubtedly an asset.

Let’s talk about the ship. This nave is characterized by its V-shape, being more pointed at the front and widening along its length. It’s not easy to achieve this effect and although it’s not perfect, LEGO has done a good job here.

LEGO® 75356 Super Star Destroyer Executor box

In the upper part of the nave, we have excellent details, achieved using a wide variety of parts. One detail that I found interesting and that reminded me of what was done in the 40591 Death Star II set is that we can find several round plates, with different colours, when we remove the top part of the ship. Did you catch who they represent? Yep, that’s right, that’s Darth Vader with the bounty hunters assembled from The Empire Strikes Back! I find these little Easter eggs that LEGO designers place in sets interesting.

At the bottom, an attempt was made to recreate the hangar, which is not very well achieved, but in reality it is also not visible when exposed. While much of the underside is basic, engine mounting is detailed. We can find thirteen engines which correspond perfectly to the ship we see during the Original Trilogy.

Two Imperial-class Star Destroyers were placed on each side of the ship, a good detail, as it shows us the sense of scale (not perfect, as they should have been even smaller, but you get the idea). I found it interesting how with just 10 parts a “small” ship is made, easily recognizable.

LEGO Set Star Destroyer 360

Now the question remains: will this be the beginning of a new series of sets on this scale? I hope so!

Parts and Value

This set has 630 pieces and costs €69.99, $69.99 or £59.99. In my opinion, quite a high value. But as it won’t be a LEGO exclusive, we can find it for lower prices very soon at various retailers.






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