Review: Up-Scaled LEGO Minifigure (40649)

Review: Up-Scaled LEGO Minifigure (40649)

Today we will review a set on a scale that LEGO has been testing and that I believe will be a success in some themes.

In 2021, we had the use of this scale for the first time, on set 76393 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger. Already this year the exclusive LEGO House set became available, the 40504 A Minifigure Tribute (which we have already reviewed here on the site).

Review: Up-Scaled LEGO Minifigure (40649)

Now we have the fourth set in this scale, the 40649 Up-Scaled LEGO Minifigure. Something that can help a lot in the sales of this set is the fact that it is not “stuck” to a theme, as with the other cases, as it is the representation of a generic minifigure.

Normally I don’t talk much about the boxes and instructions, but in this case I have to highlight the flip-top box, which for me are the best type of boxes and which in this case can even be used to store the Up-Scaled Minifigure inside.
For those who have had the pleasure of building any of the other sets, you won’t find anything new here in terms of construction, except for a small detail, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

Review: Up-Scaled LEGO Minifigure (40649)

The figure is 28 cm tall, with a good representation of the minifigure, except for the cap, which has a not very well-designed design. However, to compensate, we find here such a detail that I found very interesting.

Because, part of the cap has a hinged lid, which when opened reveals the minifigure that serves as a model for this set. But we don’t just have the minifigure, as she is in control of the larger figure. For that, it has several control panels and levers around it. I’m already imagining this set invading many LEGO cities built by AFOL’s around the world.

The construction is nothing new, but there isn’t much to innovate either. The type of construction is simple and easy to assemble for those who already have some experience. In the end, we have a colic construction, but which can be separated as a minifigure (legs, torso, head and cap).

Review: Up-Scaled LEGO Minifigure (40649)

I’ve already started to see several creative ways to create pieces for this set, like cups and other pieces to scale. In addition, it is possible to use pieces from existing sets and mix them up, as you can do with minifigures. Undoubtedly, something that will allow a lot of play and creativity.

In short, an excellent set, which I think is more for decoration than for games, however, as always LEGO is for playing, and it will be possible, but with some care due to the size.

Parts and Value

The 40649 set has 654, with an excellent price, €49.99, £44.99 or $49.99.
I’m curious to know if LEGO will continue to build more iconic figures in this size, such as Space or Star Wars themes, among others.

  • Unboxing – 8/10
  • Easy to build – 8/10
  • Aesthetics – 9/10
  • Playability – 8/10
  • Minifigures 5/10
  • Collectible – 9/10
  • Parts – 7/10
  • Price – 9/10






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