The amazing Lion Knights’ Castle (10305)

10305 Lion Knights’ Castle

We are yet again awed by another of LEGO’s newly revealed sets. The 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle set-piece announced at LEGO CON is another 90 Years of Play set modeled as an homage to a much older set – the 6080 King’s Castle released in 1984.

As expected, this new set is huge with over 4,500 pieces (4514 to be exact) with 21 minifigures characters that all come together to portray a well-connected and thoroughly detailed medieval kingdom. Unfortunately, the set also includes minifigures of two horses, a lamb, and a cow, but no goats, which would have completed the picture.

Even though the Lion Knights’ Castle set seems like only a fortress, the internal parts of the castle can also be seen. It’s apparent that a lot of attention was paid to the detailing of this set; the internal parts feature a dungeon, dining rooms, an armory, and a defense tower.

10305 Lion Knights’ Castle

A perfect set in honor of LEGO’s 90th worthy anniversary, this model is packed to the brim with many exciting features. Although similar to the original 6080 sets, we cannot ignore the color change this new set got after LEGO allowed the fans to vote on the set’s theme on their web page. Therefore, the yellow color of the original set is displayed on the set.

The Lion Knight’s Castle set will be released on the 3rd of August and was meant to go at a retail price of €349.99. However, due to the announced price increase, it will now go at a retail price of €399.99 instead.







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