The Brick Train Awards 2023

The Brick Train Awards 2023

In a world where virtual connections increasingly become the norm, the Brick Train Awards have emerged as a shining example of how global communities can come together to celebrate creativity and passion. A global competition established to honor and showcase LEGO® train builders from every corner of the planet.

It all started in 2020, with the majority of the world in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period of isolation, the Brick Train Awards were conceptualized. The idea? To provide LEGO® train fans a unique opportunity to meet virtually, share their creations, and engage in friendly competition on an international stage.

The brainchild of Richard, fondly known as Bricks McGee, from LEGO Northern UK Railway, the awards quickly gained traction. With the invaluable support from Enrico of LLMTC and a host of generous global sponsors, the Brick Train Awards took flight.

Evolving Categories Reflecting Diverse Talents

In its debut year, the Brick Train Awards presented 10 categories, encompassing locomotives, rolling stock, and expansive LEGO® train displays. The structure was simple yet effective: regional level judgements followed by a global showdown of category winners.

Brick Train Awards: Category Highlights

Public’s Choice
Recognizing the people’s choice, this award will be given to the model garnering the most likes across the Brick Train Awards’ social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Full Train Display
This award celebrates those builders whose keen attention to detail results in prototypical consists, blending both locomotives and wagons seamlessly.

Steam Locomotive
An accolade for the most impeccably designed LEGO® steam locomotive model.

Diesel Locomotive
This category honors the best-designed LEGO® diesel locomotive creation.

Best Electric Locomotive
Rewarding innovation, this award goes to the top-designed electric locomotive prototype using LEGO®.

Other Locomotive Model
Celebrating non-traditional models, this award recognizes outstanding designs in over and under-scale L-Gauge creations, including the narrow gauge and models sized 1:40 or larger.

Best Digital Locomotive
Digital builders vie for the top spot in this category, showcasing their virtual locomotive creations.

Best Passenger Wagon
This award commends the finest in LEGO® passenger transport design, covering everything from standard carriages to observation and dining cars.

Best Freight Wagon
Recognizing the best in freight design, this category celebrates top creations like open wagons, reefers, boxcars, and tankers.

Best Special Wagon
Highlighting unique designs, this award goes to exemplary models that don’t fit the standard passenger or freight wagon categories. Think cabooses, brake vans, snowplows, and other unique designs.

Best Digital Wagon Model
Introduced in 2022, this award celebrates digital designs of wagons, spotlighting the best virtual wagon creations.

Best TFOL Locomotive
Exclusively for teenage LEGO® enthusiasts aged 13-18, this category honors the best in locomotive and powered unit designs, both traditional and digital.

Best TFOL Wagon
Another category for young builders, this celebrates the best in LEGO® wagon designs, from passenger and freight to special wagons, including digital versions.

Best TFOL Display
Reserved for teens aged 13-18, this award celebrates the most outstanding LEGO® displays and structures, both real and digitally rendered.

Best Display Showcase (Individual or Group)
A global distinction, this category combines both individual and group LEGO® displays, judging them on a worldwide scale.

Recognizing the evolving creativity and expanding interest, the 2021 awards saw an increase to 13 categories. This growth trend continued into 2022 and 2023, with a total of 15 categories introduced. Notably, of these, three were exclusively dedicated to digital models, reflecting the blending of traditional LEGO building with digital design tools.

But The Brick Train Awards aren’t merely a competition; they represent a thriving global community of LEGO train enthusiasts.

The 2023 edition is now open to everyone, all you need to do is visit the website of the Brick Train Awards and submit your entry.

(Disclosure: and Brick News are sponsors of this year’s award.)






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