The Collectible Minifigures Series is getting a new Package Design Transformation

The Collectible Minifigures Series is getting a new Package Design Transformation

New packaging for the minifigures box starting from September 2023
New packaging for the minifigures box starting from September 2023 

LEGO has just introduced a new packaging concept for future LEGO Collectible Minifigures. The outline of collectible minifigures will no longer be seen on the product package as before. Instead, collectible minifigures will be packaged in box-shaped packs which do not give much away about the minifigures within.

After years of releasing collectible minifigures in blind bags, LEGO has revealed their intention to introduce a new packaging style for pieces in this series in a set of official images. With blind bags, fans know what to expect even though they can’t see what minifigure is contained in it. It has also helped a few LEGO stores organize the available collectible minifigures so fans can get a complete minifigure series without repeatedly getting the same ones.

Alternative packaging that was considered during the design

From the images, however, we see that the use of blind bags in packaging collectible minfigure pieces is about to become old news as LEGO is set to replace blind bags with blind boxes as the new package design is moving forward. This is not the first time LEGO is adapting this concept in one of its series, though; the 71410 LEGO Super-Mario Character Pack- Series 5 and the LEGO VIDIYO Bandmates come in box packages too.

While this new design will be easily recyclable, in line with LEGO’s eco-conservation goal, we cannot ignore what this would mean for fans and collectors. A package design with no outline of the minifigure within implies that collectors cannot tell if the minifigure they are getting is the right one they need to complete their LEGO minifigure collection. If they want a complete set, they might just have to get the full LEGO collectible minifigure box, assuming it has all the minifigures they want.

According to Hoth Bricks, the new packaging concept will be introduced in the LEGO Collectible Minifigures line come 2023. Before then, about two complete series might come out this year along with 71034 Series 23, which will still be packaged in blind bags, as long as LEGO sticks to schedule. However, LEGO has not confirmed this, so it’s not certain yet.

It’s still early, though, and this concept might get some upgrades before being adopted in September 2023. For now, though, the sets to be released this year and before September 2023 will still come in blind bags.






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