40584 World of Wonders

The last LEGO February offers are already online and are only for VIP’s

Two new LEGO Gift with Purchase (GWP) sets, 40584 World of Wonders and 40584 Birthday Diorama, have suddenly become available in the LEGO VIP Rewards Center, along with the latest February 2023 releases.

40584 World of Wonders
40584 World of Wonders

To redeem the World of Wonders, you will need 2700 VIP Points, and for the Birthday Diorama, you’ll need 2100 VIP Points. To redeem a VIP Reward, simply hit the Redeem button, which will generate a VIP Reward Code that you can apply to your shopping cart during checkout. The reward set will then be added to your order.

40584 Birthday Diorama
40584 Birthday Diorama

LEGO allows you to redeem the reward before making a purchase, and the set will be set aside for you. However, keep in mind that the VIP Code only lasts for 60 days, so make sure to have a purchase lined up soon.

This is a more convenient way to redeem a GWP, without having to spend a large amount of money. The fear of a high-purchase threshold GWP like Houses of the World 1 has been alleviated with this VIP Rewards Center option.

With 60 days to redeem the reward, there’s no pressure to make a purchase immediately, and you can wait for another GWP offer to maximize your online purchase.

40584 Birthday Diorama
40584 Birthday Diorama

Both the Birthday Diorama and World of Wonders are cute, but World of Wonders is the better choice for spending your VIP Rewards.

Kudos to LEGO for using the VIP Rewards Center for World of Wonders, instead of a high-purchase threshold GWP. The writer redeemed World of Wonders immediately and looks forward to using their code for their next purchase.





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