The New LEGO Minecraft 2023 Are Now Available Online

One of the most successful LEGO packs is the Minecraft figures. They have achieved annual growth and become one of the major items on the LEGO catalog since they launched. The newly released pack is an ideal set perfect for fans of this universe. This 2023 release is the perfect piece to fortify your collections. 

There are new biomes and minifigs in the 7 new boxes released online. Anyone can place an order via the online store, with the price ranging from a lower end of 9.9€ to a higher end of 64.99€. So, regardless of your pocket, you’ll be able to find a box that fits your budget. These boxes will be available starting from the 1st of January, 2023. 

LEGO Minecraft 21240 The Swamp Adventures (9.99€ for 65 pieces)

LEGO Minecraft 21241 The Bee Cottage (19.99€ for 254 pieces)

LEGO Minecraft 21242 The End Arena (24.99€ for 252 pieces)

LEGO Minecraft 21243 The Frozen Peaks (34.99€ for 304 pieces)

LEGO Minecraft 21244 The Sword Outpost (44.99€ for 427 pieces)

LEGO Minecraft 21245 The Panda Haven (49.99€ for 553 pieces)

LEGO Minecraft 21246 The Deep Dark Battle (64.99€ for 584 pieces)






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