The project "Neverending Story" no longer possible to be a future LEGO set

The project “Neverending Story” no longer possible to be a future LEGO set

In an unexpected move, LEGO has been asked to remove the Neverending Story project from its Ideas platform and from the third 2022 review.

This is a rare occurrence, as LEGO is typically the one issuing take down notices. According to a statement on the LEGO Ideas blog, the project was removed due to a copyright take down request from the licence holder.

This means that 35 other submissions will now move into review. It seems that there has been a dispute over the merchandising rights to the franchise in the past, with a German court ruling in favour of the book’s author Michael Ende’s estate a couple of years ago.

The current interest of several film studios in remaking the classic children’s film may have contributed to this situation. It is likely to disappoint fans who were excited about the possibility of the model being made into a LEGO set.






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