Tales of the Space Age LEGO Ideas Competition

Unveiling the LEGO Ideas ‘Space Age Exploration’ Challenge!

LEGO Ideas launches a fresh challenge, taking cues from the much-loved “Tales of the Space Age (21340)” set.

Tales of the Space Age LEGO Ideas Competition

The task? Embellish space exploration with your unique touch, keeping in line with the style of the aforementioned set. True to LEGO tradition, enticing prizes are up for grabs. The champion will bask in a plethora of space-themed LEGO delights:

  • A signed 21340 Tales of the Space Age by the designers!
  • 10283 – NASA Space Shuttle Discovery
  • 10266 – NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander
  • 10497 – Galaxy Explorer
  • 60350 – Lunar Research Base

For a deeper dive into the challenge, the rules and information to participate, please visit the LEGO Ideas website. Reach for the stars with your creativity!





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