The 40586 Moving Truck from LEGO

Where is my pizza truck? I got a moving truck instead! The next LEGO GWP.

The LEGO 40586 Moving Truck
The Moving Truck, the next GWP offer from LEGO

LEGO’s 40586 Moving Truck is confirmed as a future gift-with-purchase (GWPs), with more images now available on the official online store.

The product page provides additional details, including the piece count (301) and the furnishings, minifigures, box, and trolley included. The build is meant to accompany the 10312 Jazz Club set, with the delivery of furniture to the club depicted on the box.

The 40586 Moving Truck from LEGO
The moving truck built

Availability details have not yet been released, but a threshold in line with the new LEGO modular building could be expected.

This GWP follows in the footsteps of the 40532 Vintage Taxi, which was previously available across all themes with a minimum spend.






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